Buying A House

How To Find The Right Home For You.

When you are ready to find a home, this is not a decision you should make quickly or lightly.  Not only is a home a big investment, it is also a long-term investment.  There are a variety of factors that you should evaluate carefully before selecting your ideal home, and each of these factors should be considered as part of your overall vision for what your dream home should be. 

Here are some of the more important things to consider when you start your house hunt to help you find the right home for you:

  • Location – The location of your new home is almost as important as the home itself, and it consists of much more than just the city in which your home is located.  Important aspects of location include the part of the city the house is in, as well as the neighborhood, and how close the house is to your workplace, dining, shopping, and entertainment, what school district the home is in, and even whether or not it is in a neighborhood that has a homeowners association (HOA), are all things to look at when picking a home that is perfect for you.

  • Size & Expansion Potential – Even if you are a family of one right now, that may not always be the case.  Because a home is a long-term investment, you will want to make sure the house has the capacity to expand with you as you get married and eventually have children.  Extra bedrooms can be used as a home office or gym, craft room, guest bedroom, study, or even as extra storage space until you need them for your future family members.

  • Type of House – Before you start your quest to find a home, you need to decide what type of home you want.  Do you want one that is a townhouse or condo, or are you looking for a single-family residence?  Do you prefer a ranch style, or would you like multiple floors?  How close do you want the bedrooms to be?  Other things to evaluate could be the location of bathrooms and the laundry room, how big the kitchen is, and whether the garage is attached or detached.  You will even want to decide what kind of yard you’d like to have.  These all play a role in turning a house into your dream home, and you don’t want to compromise on those qualities you find essential.

  • Cost – The cost of your future home is not the price tag you see in a house listing.  You can negotiate the sale price to a more reasonable range, but there are also other costs that go into completing the sale, and these all need to be factored in to what the final price will be.  Determine your home-buying budget first, and then – when you are ready to find a home – you will have a financial baseline to use when shopping for the right home for you.  When thinking of these additional costs and fees, make sure you also include any improvements or repairs the home may require before it’s ready to move into, or that you may encounter within your first year of ownership.

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